PDF, trivial tip

January 31, 2012

To extract a subset of pages from a PDF document, on OS X, open it with Preview (not Acrobat Reader), do File > Print, select the page range, and do PDF > Save as PDF. But that only works for one contiguous subset. The more elaborate way, say to remove page 13, is to install Pdftk, open the terminal, set the current directory as that containing the input file, and execute the following command:

$pdftk in.pdf cat 1-12 14-end output out1.pdf

Well, I get an error similar to this one, so to be continued, maybe…


The fiscal union of Europe

January 31, 2012

This blog reported on the EU summit to fix the Euro zone in October, which included a second bailout of Greece, followed by an overview of the dilemma the region is facing, namely reinforced integration (a US-like federation) vs breakup. This blog discusses the EU’s solution, the fiscal compact. Read the rest of this entry »