LaTeX tip: plural, capitalized letter etc. of a word

April 20, 2012

Say you want derivatives of the word ‘foot’, such as in ‘Footing the bill gives me cold feet’ that can be invoked with a command. One approach is to use \newcommand*{\foot}{foot} and declare the derivatives with \WithSuffix. That’s extremely tedious. Package makeglossaries already does the job. All that’s needed create a ‘helper’ glossary, but not display it, and invoke \gls[hyper=false]{} or, equivalently, \gls*{}. Read the rest of this entry »


Script for LaTeX’ glossaries (for Mac)

April 11, 2012

Package glossaries.sty allows to create a default glossary (titled ‘Glossary’), but it’s also possible to create other ones. First, we’re going to need a script to modify the appearance of TeXShop with an extra option, mkglo in the drop down menu next to button Typeset (in the window of the *.tex file). That’s the main point of this post. Second, we’ll show the Tex file. Third, the steps to typeset it with the resulting output. Fourth, some remarks. Read the rest of this entry »